Beer Hampers

Beer of some kind or another has been produced for centuries, making it one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in historical terms. These days it is one of the most popular drinks in the world, coming in at Number 3 after water and good old tea, we are reliably informed. Which explains why our Beer Hampers are always flying off the shelves!


Once you have decided on your perfect Beer Hamper don’t forget to fill out your personalised message during the checkout process. Your message will then be printed on card and tucked into an envelope to accompany your gift. After all, just like any night at the pub, it’s important that they know who got this round in!

The UK is one of West Europe’s ‘beer belt’ countries along with Germany and Ireland, which explains why our Beer Hampers tend to fly off the shelves. Our Beer Hampers feature a few well-chosen beers (including English beers, continental beers and Guinness) and late night nibbles such as sweet chilli & lime crisps. All orders are hand packed in our London warehouse and delivered by courier to ensure they arrive in perfect condition – with zero spillage! So, send your favourite beer drinker a gift they’ll really love – and one they will simply love you for.